The Merchant Services Industry Overview

This industry is an ever-changing market, with new regulations and advancements continually, it’s important to be well informed. The merchant services industry is known by many titles: bankcard industry, merchant processing industry, transaction processing industry, payment processing industry, the credit card industry, electronic transaction industry, and the financial services industry.

Our main goal is to offer value to the merchant, our customer. Companies can do this by offering a myriad of services and products. Below is an overview of popular products for the industry.

We’ve got the Core Product, Tier Products and Tier 11 Products.

Core Product:

  • Credit Card Processing
    • Retail
    • Card Not Present
    • Wireless
    • Internet
    • High Risk

Tier I Products:

  • Debit Processing
    • Online/Offline
    • ATM
    • EBT
  • Check Processing:
    • Electronic Check Conversion
    • Check Guarantee
    • Check Verification
    • Online Check Processing
    • Check Imaging
    • ACH processing

Tier II Products:

  • Biometrics
  • Loyalty Card Programs
  • PrePaid Products
    • Gift Cards
    • Debit Cards
    • Phone Cards
    • Cellular
    • Internet
    • Home Phone
  • Custom Applications
    • Payroll Cards
    • Smart Card Applications
      • Government ID
      • Mass Transit
      • Parking Systems
      • Healthcare
        • Benefits Verification
        • Electronic Claims Processing
      • Information Security
      • Banking
    • Medical Applications
    • Age Verification
    • Identification Products
    • Time and Attendance
    • Closed Loop Applications










As you can see from the image above, credit card processing is the basis of our products, it’s our core product. Every business needs this core product in order to function in today’s business world.

Tier I and Tier II are complementary products to credit card processing.

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