Google Analytics for SEO – Know About New Adsense Options

Once you own a website, web analytics is a key factor in determining your earning  opportunities. One such free tool from Google is – “Google Analytics” or GA for short. Though, I’m not going to dwell on “how to create a Google Analytics account” and other intricate details which should be an easy-going for a normal SEO expert, I’ll definitely share with you my “Google Analytics Tip of the day“.

With GA, lot of statistics are available on your website for FREE.  The Standard Reporting feature which gives lot of reports like Real-Time, Audience, Traffic Sources, Content etc. With each report come further details like Pageviews, Visits, Bounce Rate, Organic Traffic etc.

So if you want to do online optimization of your webpages you are definitely going to need some keywords to target your niche. This data can be had from Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic. Once you have written a few unique and quality posts on your blog and did some social sharing on websites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter and commented on a few blogs to generate backlinks, organic traffic is going to follow even in fewer amounts.

Keyword Date in Google Analytics


But our main motive in creating a website or blog, is to earn money from ads delivered on our blog posts. The best way to earn some bucks with your blog posts is using “Google Adsense”. This affiliate program will help you cover your house-hold expenses, if you achieve targeted organic traffic.

But today we are going to see what pages of your website are generating revenue from Google Adsense. This option is available as under :

Content > Adsense > Adsense Pages

The main tab is present on the left hand side, once you open your website profile.

Adsense Revenue Details - GA

As you can see above, the following columns are available under this option.

  • Page
  • Adsense Revenue
  • Adsense Ads Clicked
  • Adsense CTR
  • Adsense eCPM
  • Adsense Ads Viewed
  • Adsense Page Impresssions

[box type=”alert”]Note : Before you view this report, it’s important you integrate your Google Analytics and Adsense accounts. Otherwise, this report will not be available[/box]

From the above data, it is very clear, what are your revenue earning pages of your blog and how much revenue each page is generating.

Earlier, the additional columns you can add are very less to this standard or existing data. Correct me if I’m wrong or if it is my hallucination.

But now you have other options of adding another column of data known as “Secondary dimension“. This is the new feature which I’m talking about in Google Analytics.



Now if you want to know for what keywords and pages, you are getting Adsense revenue, it’s just like adding a column from “Secondary dimension”. All you have to do is type “Keyword” in the search box or add the column under each category. Now the look of this SEO report will look like this :



Now you can see a column next to “Page” as “Keyword”. This is useful SEO information. Using this data you can target the right keywords for getting good Adsense revenue.

But the flip side is that, most of the keyword data will either come as “not provided” or “not set”. Unless Google allows to see this data, this report will not be 100% efficient.

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