Ant Pugilist as the Keyword Research Software in 2013

When you are writing a new article for your blog, you will definitely look for some keyword ideas which you are more convenient in explaining to your audience. But for other reasons, you need to target a specific keyword and have an apple mind like "Newton" to b

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How To Reduce Bounce Rate : A Simple Case-Study

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SEO Analysis

The Best SEO Tip Ever in 2013 – Useful for Bloggers and Beginners

"Write quality content and use Google's tools" - This is the best SEO tip of 2013, I can give to my readers. After subscribing to about 200 blogs and in that are included some SEO blogs, I came to a conclusion that using little, simple and direct tools will bring you more traffic

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5 Don’t Do – SEO Tips in 2014 – From my Experience

The "black hat" techniques of SEO, which were practiced for some years, came to an end in 2013. Most of the basic and old traditional SEO tips which form the foundation of many good SEO companies are still the best bet in 2014.

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How Crazy Egg’s “Confetti” Report Help Visualize User Engagement?

Do you want to know in-depth analysis of your visitor information in addition to "heat map tracking"? Then you should know about the "Confetti" r

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How Heat Map Analytics can be done with a Simple Tool like Crazy Egg?

Do you want to increase your website traffic and sales? Then you must “clearly” understand your visitors! You must know where visitors are clicking on your site, to know the “user intent”. By knowing these trivial issues, you can better channel your resources, to update your

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[Tutorial] Setting Up Google Analytics Ecommerce In Magento

Magento Ecommerce comes stock with the ability to report Ecommerce Revenue and Sales to Google Analytics. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to enable Google Analytics Ecommerce in Magento. As a bonus I'll even show you how to add another 15 customized reports to your Google Analytics Accoun

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How to Know Statistics of YouTube Traffic for your Videos or Slides?

YouTube is the brainchild of 3 former Paypal employees in Feb 2005. Google bought this video-sharing service in Nov 2006 for US$1.65 billion. About 1 billion people use YouTube and the estimate

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Google Adwords Mastering Keywords

When creating your Google Adwords campaigns, the keywords that you choose are very important, but equally important is how you choose to advertise among those keywords. For example, advertising to an exact match keyword will bring you the highest quality traffic. Advertising to a broadly matched key

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Enabling Google Analytics Demographics

Enabling Demographics and Interests within Google Analytics will give you more quality data to work with. Based on the information provided by demographics we can create new ecommerce reports that allow us to see: The distribution of our ecommerce revenue across genders and age groups.

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