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21 Dec

How to talk about work with friends

Not to be masochistic, but among friends and neighbours a common topic of conversation between men is our occupations. “What do you do?” is a common question and conversation starter.  As we all know, sometimes it is difficult to explain what we do to those outside of our business.  There are people that I have […]

15 Dec

Passive Monitor

I remember a day when we had a problem with our order processing.  When we finally figured out what was wrong, there were a few embarrassed people.  We had introduced some new monitoring to the system, but had done so in such a way that we added a point of failure to the ordering process. […]

28 Jul

Default Deliver Disaster

When setting up a supply chain integration, there is a lot of information that is exchanged. One thing that should be explored is what the supplier will do if they can’t process the order. This should be explored by making a list of all the errors that you can conceive of. This is the beginning […]

23 Jul

News: RFID gains acceptance

To paraphrase a quote from Frank Herbert’s Dune, “The Data must flow.”  And in the same sense that spice was the life blood of Arakis, the flow of data is the life blood of any e-commerce integration.  In the past I have talked about how RFID technology can be used to enhance the flow of […]

9 Jul

Closing the gap between Finace and Procurement

Today at Spend Matters, Jason Busch posted the first in a series of articles about the gap between finance, and procurement in today’s business; “When Will finance Take Procurement Seriously?”  Jason quotes from a Basware study and professor Mark Frohlich, one if its authors, and makes some hard hitting and insightful points; 27% of companies […]

22 Jun

News: Supply Chain Inovation in Ocean Shipping

Looking for innovation in Supply Chains isn’t hard to do, and it can have a great impact on the efficiency and therefore profitability of a business and market.  One place that greatly impacts the success of an integration is the desire to  build something new and sexy.  I rant sometimes about companies or development teams […]

4 May

Supply Chain Challenges (I.C.I)

So you have done everything right.  You have gathered standards, documented your processes and deployed a successful integration.  Now what?  Do we just sit back watch the data flow and sip soft drinks? I don’t think so.  You will now start to handle exceptions.  This means errors.  Most likely you will start to have repeating […]

23 Jan

RFID Supply Chain Managment

If you are tracking inventory, or transactions, you need to get data about the whereabouts of the things you are tracking.  In this instance, more data is better.  I found this video on YouTube where Sanjay Sarma from MIT gives a lecture on Supply Chain Management and using RFID technology. Whether we are integrating the […]