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13 Jul

What is Data Integration

Some times we overlook the basics. And from time to time it is good to ask and answer the basic questions. One of the most basic questions for us is to ask, “What is Data Integration?”  After asking, we need to provide an answer. Data Integration is the process of transforming heterogeneous data into a […]

12 Jul

Magento SEO: Canonical Links

One of the things that can be an SEO concern for Magento deployments is the proliferation of URLs that don’t have unique content.  If you haven’t realized this, the product URL, and the Category/Product URL are the same content, but the URL is different.  Which one should the search engine index?  Both?  If it does, […]

10 Jul

5 Simple CBR Readers for Mac with Pros and Cons

Many of you know, what a CBR file is, if you are a comic book reader fan! We earlier seen three ways of converting CBR to PDF online without much fuss. Now let’s talk about a CBR reader for Mac. Simple Comic for Mac It can open large libraries of CBR files. This is useful […]

8 Jul

Dot Net EDI framework

A reader asked me a question, and I want to pass it along: “Do you know of any DOT NET frameworks for working with EDI?” I didn’t, and a search of the web didn’t reveal anything that I could, in any confidence, recommend.  So I bring this question to you.  Do you know of a […]

6 Jul

Data Integration Funnel

The integration funnel view is where we have data in more than one format or more than one source or both and we integrate them with one destination.  (We also do the reverse, but that’s not very funnel like.)  To do this effectively we don’t do a unique integration for each format and source of […]

2 Jul

Magento SEO And Automation Conflict

Two of the most often requested features and instructions about Magenot I see have an inherent conflict.  First, people come and ask me how to automate and upload products. This is not a problem, and I can show them how to do this and even get their images uploaded at the right time. Magento has […]