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    • Amazon Web Services EC2 for Magento
    • Amazon Web Services EC2 for Magento
      We help Magento companies host their websites on Amazon EC2. If you need help getting your store up and running on Amazon, post your messages here and we'll help you out.
    • General Help Forum
    • General Help Forum
      If you have any questions at all, rest assured that this is the right place to ask them. A Magento Expert will be ready to answer your question within 24 hours.
    • Magento v1 Extension Forums
    • Advanced Dataflow
      The Advanced Dataflow Magento extension is a set of additional adapters and parsers to increase Magento Dataflow flexibility. This dataflow advanced profile extends default bounds to cover more requirements. The most essential Advanced Dataflow feature is orders import and export. It appends orders to list of available entities to migrate.
    • Advanced Pricing Management
      Our Advanced Pricing Management Extension allows you to control prices on a very granular level. Magento Store Views were designed to provide localization abilities for your content, but lacked the ability for you to set your pricing based upon those localizations. Now you can, with Advanced Pricing Management you will be able to set your product prices independent of the default currency and even the currency rates.
    • Currency Geo Filter
      Currency Geo Filter let's you assign a default currency to your stores. This extension will automatically determine your customers location and redirect them to the localized store for their area.
    • Currency Specific Pricing
      Currency Specific Pricing makes it possible to manage your product prices across multiple currencies independently of the currency rates. You'll now have the ability to adjust your product pricing accurately and increase your conversion rates.
    • Customer Groups Manager
      The Customer Groups Manager extension expands standard customer groups functions with new capabilities. It allows assigning different currencies, stores, payment and shipping methods, products and product categories to different customer groups, as well as setting minimum order amount per group.
    • Edit Buttons
      This extension offers a simple way to edit your site. If you aren't familiar with Magento's Backend Admin, this is a great solution for you. When you log in as an admin, you will see your frontend site instead of the backend admin dashboard. On every CMS page, Category page and Product page, there will be an Edit button. Once this button is clicked, it directs you to the Backend Magento page that controls that page. Simple edit the necessary changes and click save. Our Edit Buttons extension allows you to quickly find and edit any part of your website with ease.
    • Geo Discount Pricing
      Geo Discount Pricing let's you define discounts on your products pricing based upon the customers geolocation. You can define geolocation zones on a per product basis, making it easy to provide discounts to specific territories.
    • Hidden Guest Registration at Checkout
      Hidden Guest Registration can cause a lot of problems and lost sales if not done properly. Our hidden registration extension does not interfere with the checkout process, it does not try to quietly log users in or modify the checkout process in any way.
    • Merchant Gateway
      Merchant Protocol provides everything that you need to accept credit cards online. Our Magento security, customer data security, intrusion detection and level 3 data transmission gives you the ability to accept and store government purchase cards, according to their standards.
    • Multiple Warehouse Inventory Management
      Make Magento your complete Inventory Control System with Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management. Every function is built directly into Magento according to Magento's Standards of Coding, and no external software is necessary. Created for the Ecommerce merchant to help efficiently manage their inventory across multiple countries, stores and warehouses. Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management is constantly under development to meet the demands of the industry.
    • Paytrace Payments Extension
      Process all transactions through Paytrace's native API which gives you full functionality in your store. You also have the ability to save your customers card information at Paytrace and charge it later. This makes it possible for your customers to checkout quickly the next time they visit you.
    • Product Base Currency
      Product Base Currency Magento extension enables to set a base currency on a product level. Prices, special prices, tier prices, customer group prices and catalog price rules can be set in a desired base currency for each product.
    • Shipping Table Rates
      The Shipping Table Rates is the additional tool to manage shipping table rates in an easy way. You may filter, append, modify records through the web interface instead of batch file uploading each time you need your rates to be changed.
    • Shipping, Payment, Promotion, Currency, Catalog Filtering
      Create Geolocation zones based upon country, region/state, and/or postal  code and then manage nearly all aspects of your store based upon these zones. You'll have full control to specify which currencies, pricing, promotions, shipping methods, payment methods, products and catalogs can be used in every country and/or state. This extension is truly the most comprehensive filtering extension available for Magento.
    • Store View Pricing
      Store View Pricing is a useful tool for a Magento store administrator to set product prices for each store view separately. This Magento extension appends Store View Price scope in addition to Website and Global. From now you can set different prices for the same item depending on the store view.