• Senior Magento Developers On-Call To Restore Hosting, Databases, Security Exploits and Bad Code
  • We won’t charge you if we cannot fix the problem
  • The typical problems for customers who call our magento emergency support line

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Jonathon Byrdziak Enterprise Architect
Jonathon has been working with Magento since it's inception in 2008. He has worked with more than 2000+ Magento stores and currently leads the development team at Merchant Protocol.

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Taking Magento Emergency Support Calls

Senior Magento Developers On-Call To Restore Hosting, Databases, Security Exploits and Bad Code


As Magento Developers we’re always required to work with hosting servers in a magento emergency support situation. We run local development environments on our Linux and Mac laptops which we use everyday as our personal computers. We suggest Amazon Web Services to our clients, because of the fast setup times and redundancy available to websites with multi-million views and orders.

We’re highly experienced with Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Varnish, and many more web servers running on Centos, Ubuntu and other popular distributions of Linux. Our preferred method of connection is through SSH, which gives us the most control over a server.

Hosting is a common point of magento emergency support for clients. We mostly see multi-node setups with auto-scaling causing the stability issues. The cause is typically due to code and configurations out of sync or improperly configured.


Databases should be backed up after a maintenance page is in place during a magento emergency support call. If restoration from an old database is required then orders, customer and other records should be migrated from the database which is being over-written.

Security Exploits

While security is not a primary reason for magento emergency support requests we are able to identify exploits on a number client stores. If your magento ecommerce website is experiencing issues it could make exploits easier to gain access.

We encourage all customers to run Security Enhanced Linux and Apache Module Security (ModSecurity) for a Web Access Firewall. Many Content Delivery Networks (CDN) have web access firewalls to protect Magento websites.

Bad Code

It’s not typical that we receive calls about bad code from customers in a magento emergency support situation. While Magento 1 was easier to work with than Magento 2’s codebase, we are seeing an uplift in Magento 2 compilation issues.

For that reason we’ve built quik for Magento 2, a server deployment and compilation tool.


We Won't Charge You If We Cannot Fix The Problem

We have not yet run into a Magento Emergency Support request that we have not been able to fix within an hour or two. We still maintain our Guarantee of support that if we cannot fix your Magento Emergency Support request then we will not charge you for the time we investigated and worked on your request.


The Typical Problems for Customers Who Call Our Magento Emergency Support Line

Incorrectly Configured Web Servers

An incorrectly configured web server can cause a Magento Emergency Support call. Common symptoms of this problem are 500 error pages, servers that do not respond, white pages and magento exceptions.

Codebase Out Of Sync

If your codebase is not correctly pulled down to your server it can easily get out of sync. Having a properly deployed codebase with proper permissions and proper compilation will eliminate the need for magento emergency support.